If you like retro racing games, you should definitely try out the amazing Mario Kart 64, where you can race with your rivals and fight your way to the finish. It is the first 3D game that was developed by Nintendo and was released for the first time in Japan in 1996 and one year later in N. America and Europe.


It is a very funny game, where you race with your preferred character around various tracks, while at the same time you can use a number of weapons; including items that can make increase your speed as you race, like banana peels, turtle shells, as well as fake item boxes, in order to be able to wipe out your opponents. More specifically, in this game you control one of eight of the Mario characters you select, who race in various race tracks, which vary in themes and in shapes. During a race, you can obtain various scattered items from rainbow colored boxes that are scattered in different areas across each track. You can use all those items to gain an advantage against your rivals and win the game. For instance, you can make use of shells and bananas, which can help you attack your rivals and slow their speed. Or you can choose to use the Mushrooms, which can help you in gaining more speed temporarily. Download Mario Kart 64 rom and enjoy hours of amazing gameplay.


Game offers you four battle types to play; Grand Prix, Battle, Versus, as well as Time Trial. You can select between 16 race different tracks, as well as 8 racers, which have a number of various attributes, like weight, speed and accelerations. You can use all these attributes, in order to handle your special character of the game. For example, the Grand Prix has 4 stages (50 cc 100 cc, 150 cc and Extra), where you can race faster and you can win from four selected cups (Flower, Mushroom, Star or Special). In the Extra mode, you need to race with mirror versions of these tracks, in order to win trophies. In case you gain all gold trophies in all races, you can be rewarded with a new title screen. If you choose the Battle, you can compete with four of your friends via a split screen. Moreover, you can choose to race together with your friends by selections the VS mode. The time trial mode is a single-player only mode, where you can just race against the clock and your main objective is to compete a three lap race on a selected track with the shortest time in total that you can.


Mario Kart 64 racing game features 8 amazing characters. The six of them (Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Browser, as well as Yoshi) appeared also in the Super Mario Kart series, while the two remaining ones (Donkey Kong and Wario) are the new special character, which replace Donkey Kong Jr. and Koopa Troopa. Keep in mind that all the characters in this game are divided into 3 weight classes. For example, lightweights, whose karts have the highest accelerations, middleweights, with normal speed and acceleration, as well as heavyweight, with high top speed, as well as low speed. In the heavyweight classes, you are also able to defeat a number of other players of the game.


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